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How does it work?

Why Choose Poptup?


  How much does it cost?

There are no joining fees for registering with Poptup and listing spaces on our platform are free, we only charge a commission on each confirmed booking.

  How will I get paid?

We will automatically pay all fees collected on your behalf, quarterly, although you have the option to make a payout request at any time within the Vendor dashboard.

  We have a strict vetting process, how can I incorporate that into the platform?

We ask all brands using Poptup to create project templates to make the vetting process as easy as possible for both parties. Brands submit details about themselves, what products or services they offer, and explain their pop-up or event concept. This enables tenants to book with ease and allows landlords to get a quick overview and decide if the concept is a good fit for their space.

  How can I increase my chances of regular bookings?

Make sure that the pictures of your venue are inviting, accurate and up-to-date. Give a clear description of what your venue offers and the type of events you're interested in hosting, but invite those who think they have a relevant event concept to reach out to you. It is also crucial that your availability calendar is up-to-date and that you are responsive to enquiries in a timely manner.